Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY: brand prints

Here's my first photographed DIY!
I was always watching photos on tumblr of girls with chanel melty logo tees and I loved it, I think it's very cute, so I decided to make one by myself and I by the way, I created a YSL one too.
So there you have how I made them and how they look. You can do it with any logo or draw you want.
The first step is to print the image you want to impress, but it could be drawn directly on the cardboard.

This is what you will need:
a cardboard with the logo you want to recreate, scissors or a cutter, a piece of paperboard, acrilic paint in the color you choose, a container for the paint, a brush, a sponge and of course the tshirt!

First, you want to cut off the drawing you will print. Don't cut it all if there is any small pieces floating on the drawing because they will fall out! Keep some pieces between the painting parts to keep it like one only piece. I think this is the most difficul step so take it easy.


After cutting it off, you can place the cardboard on the sweater. Do this with the tshirt on so you can see where it actually is and then take it off and stick it all with tape, as it is in the next photo.
Put a piece of paperboard, at least as big as the logo, into the tshirt for avoiding the paint to transfer to the back. After this, you can paint it right with a brush, but I prefer to do with a sponge because it will be easier to hold the paper while we're painting and to avoid go out the edges. Also, it's faster to paint with the sponge. You can put some paint on a container and stick the sponge into it a few times so there won't be any paint excess on the shirt.
You will maybe need from one to four coats of paint depending on the fabric and the color.
Once you are satisfied with it, you need to wait until the paint is dry, then you can remove the logo cardboard.

This is how it will look like. As you can see, there are some unwanted marks for the spots left uncutted for keeping the logo as one piece, that's ok, now is the moment to use the brush for filling them and correct any lines if needed.

And voilá! Here's the new personalized jumper! Wait until it's dry to remove the paperboard from it.

Here are the two tshirts I made.

And good news, you can always reuse the cut off logo if you're careful with the paperboard.
Here's another melty chanel tee I made for a friend.

I hope you like it and I hope it was helpfull :)

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