Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find me on Instagram + a little update

You can find me on Instagram as @MayQuilez
I use to upload every kind of stuff: selfies, kitties... this last saturday I put two videos of the pizza I made (and ate, lol, it was soooo good :Q_ )

Here you can see some of my pics.

A little bit of myself


A couple of draws I made

Random beautiful creatures

This was my little fish, he's name was Ares, it passed away the last week and that's the main reason I've been not posting anything in the last... two weeks? Well, not just because of his dead, which made me sad... I don't care what some people say about the goldfish and that they're not real pets because they are just decorative and they don't show love, that's bullcrap, it's not a cat or a dog, it's a different animal, not better nor worse, just different. Excuse my ramble, but this topic makes me angry... So not just because it was sad to lose Ares, but specially because now I know that it was mainly my fault for not knowing how to take good care of it. My friends gave me a 70 litres aquarium for my birthday and my little shubunkin didn't do well the change from his little fishbowl. Since then I've been looking for information and learning about the cares of this type of fishes and now I have my aquarium being prepared for my future new baby goldfishes, in less then a month it will be ready for having them. And that's how I've been spending a lot of hours lately.

So I'm sorry for the not-uploading situation, but I think it will be ended soon, I've been thinking about some new outfits and posts to make and hopefully my little blog will go growing up!

Also I want to thank you for visiting and reading my blog, because even with no comments, I can see the visits and there are more than I espected! And that's enought for making me happy to continue with Trendecay. But, you know, if you want to be my special first comment (or second, or maybe even third... haha) you will be very welcome! :)

So... that's it, I just wanted to make a little upload/update for stop feeling that I have abandoned my beloved newborn child/blog... Yay! xx

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