Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mini haul: Top Shop

A couple of weeks ago a made my first Top Shop purchase, and it arrived a couple of days ago.
Crazy, right? I don't know how I lived without shopping at Top Shop until now :P
(That's because, sadly for me and happily for my wallet, there is no Top Shop in my city.)
I just bought three pieces (with super discounts!) but I wanted to show you because I love them to pieces.

Dork tee
It was 22€ and I got it for 7€. I've seen those everywhere in YouTube gurus with the dork, nerd or geek version and I can't help but love them all.

 Dweeb sweater
It was originally 30€ and I got it for 9€. I haven't wear it yet because it's too hot, obviously, but I can't wait for wearing it on autum, it's so warm and cozy :)

And last but not least, this little hat which was 18€ at first and 4€ when I bought it.
I couldn't resist because, you know, I can't never have enough stuff to put on my head. lol

Very good quality and it arrived pretty fast for international shipping, so glad with my little purchase and of course I'll need to pay more attention to this lovely shop for now on.

Thanks for your visit :) xx

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