Monday, July 29, 2013

TAG: Colors of the rainbow

Youtubers and bloggers started making this tag in may I think, well, I'd like to believe that it's better late than ever because I wanted to do it anyway... so here it is!
I guess you know what is this about, but it's basically about finding a favourite product for each color of the rainbow:

Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet/Purple - Pink -
(plus) Multicolored(and) Metallic

I added the metallic one because I saw some girls making Gold, but gold is not really my thing... haha

Red - Body cream "fruit fusion, red fruits" from Mercadona

I'm not a fan of the body moisturizers in general (I guess I'm too lazy), but I've been loving this body cream lately. I bought it like a year ago and I didn't even open it until a couple of weeks ago. Now I think that I will need a new one soon because I'm using it non stop. I think it cost me like 2-3€ or so, amazing!

Orange - Heliocare SPF50 XFgel

A good solar protection factor is always very important, specially in summer, specially with a skin as pale as mine (I use Mac NW10). I've been using this from more than a year ago now and this is my second repurchase. It's perfect for applying before make up. I've tried a few other ones before (some of them even produced me allergic reactions... not a funny story) and I did'nt like any of them, they were always too greasy, which this is not at all, at least on my skin, and I have a little complicated skin. 100% recomended.

I don't really like yellow color very much and that's why I don't own many stuff of this color, but this soap is incredible, no matter what color has. Smells like lemons, in the good way, not in the bitter way and it's very gentle to the skin. Love it.

Green - Geneva watch

It looks more blue in the photo than it actually is... It's a truly pretty mint green. (I've been obsessed with mint color lately, I don't know why!) I decided to buy a good lasting watch, but I can't find one that I really like, so I bought this for using it in the meantime... for less than 3$ on eBay. Not bad, don't you think? I know it's gonna be broken in a few months if I use it everyday, but for this price I think I can handle the trouble.

Blue - H&M nailpolish "Nail him"

There's not a lot to say about this, it's a very shiny beautiful nailpolish. One of my favorite blue varnishes.

Indigo - Halloween edition bracelet from Mintberry

Indigo is a color right in the midle of blue and purple and I thought that this bracelet was perfect because the "black" little balls have a lot of blue and purple shines depending on the light. I couldn't caught it in the photo and it looks more like green-yellowy... so you'll have to trust me on this one haha Anyways, I love it, it's perfect for chunky -still chic- armcandy.

Violet/Purple - "Cult" eyeshadow from Urban Decay

I bought this eyeshadow for a zombie make up last year, it's just perfect for faking undereyes, it's a true purple, completely matte. I have to apologize for the glitter/shine in the swatch, it's not from this eyeshadow but from the swatch of the eyeshadow I chose for the "metallic" color, I didn't realize it was still there until I was editing it, so sorry for that.
I needed to use it again in a make up look I made for a kind-of-Burton-ish photoshoot and I re-discovered how beautiful it is and I've been using it for smokey eyes on myself since then.

Pink - Tangle teaser

I finally got this, because eeeeeeveryone loved it and yeah, I love it. I think is very pricey anyways... But I guess that it's worth it. It's the only thing I use for detangling my hair since I got it.

Multicolored - "Blue cats & butterflies" notebook by Paperblanks

♥ this notebook so much, it's the notebook I use as my "blog agenda", as you can see. My mom gave me for my birthday, so cute! Here I write the ideas for new posts, the schedule and stuff. I hope this helps for continuing regularly with Trendecay!

Metallic - Essense "03 have you seen my unicorn" eyeshadow

And finally mellatic! I got this eyeshadow because it was very cheap and I thought that it could be a good color for highlighting and OMG... it definetely is! It's a very pretty rosy-white, it shows pretty well in the photos. You have to apply it carefuly if you want a not-very-dramatic result, because it's very pigmented and it has a lot of shine, but no glitter, as you can see in the swatch, so it glows beatifuly and very sly in the sun if you apply it gentle.
I'm seriously thinking about getting the two other eyeshadows of this essense collection, I'm happily surprised with the quality of this one.

And that was it! I really hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you very much for your visit :) xx

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