Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monthly favorites: July 2013

Hey there! I just started trying to make a routine for my blog and I think this type of post is an essential.
I'll start my monthly favorites with the categories: make up, fashion, movies and songs. I don't know if I should add any other category... I think I'll do a little post apart for books :)

Make up

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural "Light" (left) and "Medium" (right)

Even though the weather is not extremely hot where I live, it is very humid, so I don't like to put a lot of stuff on my face in summer. If I have a very bad face day I'll use liquid foundation, but if I can avoid it I will avoid it. So this pressed powder foundation is perfect for me when I don't want a heavy feeling on the skin.
It feels like you are wearing nothing, but still evens your skintone and covers the little discolourations and imperfections, specially if you apply it with my next favourite...

Sigma F80 flat top synthetic kabuki brush

I can't find a better brush for applying my MSF Natural powder when I want it to be more covering.
This powder can be apply more lightly with other brushes, but if you want to use it alone, this brush is just perfect.

MAC Brow set "show off"

I didn't have a brow gel and as the eyebrow freak I am, I needed one. I was going to buy the Illamasqua brow and lash gel, but it was out of stock so I got the MAC one. It's fine, I mean, I can't compare it to any other, but I put it and it stays on my eyebrows avoiding any hair movement, so it does its job and now it's an essential for me. It lasts all day. The only complain I may have is that it's a little too red. I think they should have more shades, because there are only two (this is the darker one).

YSL Mascara volume effect faux cils waterproof "1"

I bought this last month and it was the second time I buy it, I'm absolutely in love with this mascara. I don't use to try a lot of eyelash mascaras because it seems like my eyes are too special for them... and most of them ends falling out on my cheekbones every single time I use them. Now after a lot of tries I know that I just can wear waterproof mascara, but still not anyone. Anyhow, this works perfect for me.

Sometimes I want a quick make up look but something more than a "clean face" (AKA base+eyebrows+concealer) and this eyeliner is perfect for this because it's very easy to apply and it's very longlasting.
I don't really like the other pen-type eyeliners that I own and I wanted to try this one because I've heard nothing but great things about it. I wanted to buy the black one, but when the Illamasqua summer sale came out and I saw this with an important discount I couldn't resist and I'm so happy I bought it because it makes a different twist to my everyday looks but it's still dark so it's not too dramatic.
The color in the first photo seems more red than it actually is but the color it shows on the swatches is pretty certain :)


I was thinking about my most wore/loved clothes of this month and there are three unquestionable winners that I put together in this one outfit, which is an outfit that I actually enjoyed wearing to the gym, it's so fresh and confortable! But I've been also wearing a lot these ingredients separately.
First of all my triangle tee from romwe that I got in june and I love to pieces. You saw me wearing it on my Soft grunge outfit of the day.
Then this skirt I bought when I went to Turkey back in 2007. It was from a random store, but it's 6 years old already and it looks brand new. I like it for making crazy pattern combinations and also for simple looks like this. It's madly confortable. You saw thin on me on my Bun in up look.
And last but not least my black converse, same again: extremely confortable and easy to wear with absolutely anything.


I went to cinema to watch the last Star Trek movie "Star Trek Into darkness" and as I didn't watch any Star Trek movie nor anything before... I watched the 2009 movie first. And I loved it! Who could know... And then I liked the last one too so I decided to watch the first original movie too and it's pretty good. The special effects are not as majestic as in the modern movies, well, it's from 1979, ok? Having this in mind... damn it, they knew what they were doing.
Who knows, maybe I'll continue watching the first generation films, I have like 9 freaking more movies to see so... we'll see!
But yeah it was a big surprise for me to find myself enjoying those ^^


There are two clear winners on my most listened songs of july and those are Miley Cyrus' We can't stop (so original, right? I think everyone is obssesed with this song right now) and I fink you freeky by Die Antwoord.

And I think that's it! I really hope it was interesting. Thank you for your visit :)

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