Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Double shoe unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Foxy & Hiya

Last week I recieved the Nasty Gal purchase I made between 2 and 3 weeks ago.
You can't even imagine how nervous I was for this package to arrive because it was the first time for me shopping shoes in US size. I don't even know my EU size because it changes in every brand. It changes even in the same brand, my Litas are EU40 but I needed EU39 for Fredas. So I was quite scared... but oh thanks god they both pairs fit me perfectly, so I'm the happiest woman in the world :) I chose US9 if you're wondering. I think 8'5 would be better maybe, but 9 is ok anyway.

But let's get in the important thing... The shoes.
Both pairs came amazingly prepacked, as usual for JC's shoes Foxys were on their individual dust bags, full of paper and keeping their beautiful shape, no wrinkles at all on any part of them.

Jeffrey Campbell Hiya - Hawaiian/Floral

Here you can see the the high of the platform, they're like 3 and a half fingers tall. They're pretty high, but not enormous (4'5 cms).

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy - Rainbow

As you may know Foxys have the same shape as Litas with cutouts that tranform them in Lita's sandal version, or at least that's how I see them. You can see here that they have the exact same heel length. (6cms platform. 13cms heel.)

If you haven't guess yet I love them both to pieces.

I really hope you liked it :) Thanks for your visit!

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