Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Haul: eBay rings

I like to have some good quality jewelry, but I also like to buy cheap pieces, especially rings, to wear once in a while, kind of trendy stuff that I know I won't like forever but I still want to have to spice up my hands.
All of the rings I'm showing you today are from eBay, 1$ each. Except for the 4th and 6th that are painted in black, all others are that type of ring that will leave your fingers green if you wear them a lot.
A little trick that I learned is to cover all the inside part of the ring with a trasparent nailpolish, that way it won't transfer that green-ish poo to your hand and it will last longer. Still you can't wet them. As I said, they're bad quality, but they're fun.

1 - I bought it here. This is one my favorites.
2 - I bought them here. It's a pack for 9 rings: silver, rose gold and gold, but I don't like gold on myself so those I gave to a friend. They're supposed to be knuckle rings, but they're too big for me, so I wear them like normal rings.
3 - I bought it here. This is my other favorite one. It doesn't look like 1$ ring at all.
4 - I bought this one here.
5 - I bought it here.
6 - I couldn't choose just one, so I bought two of them. Here.
7 - A little bit of color is sometimes necessary. I bought it here.

They're all from different sellers, all of them from China and they all arrived in 2 weeks aproximately.

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