Sunday, September 15, 2013

Instagram update #3

Here another Instagram update with very nice news at the end... you'll see.

I just talk about Mean girls on the common white girl tag and there it is, as I said on that post, I watch it a lot haha. Two random selfies, the second one is the result of being cleaning and organizating old stuff on my mother's home, the mask was actually for protecting myself from the dust because I have a very strong allergy to mites. And last but not least POKEMON! It was a gift from a friend who kindly bought for me because he knew I was looking for it. You won't believe me but I haven't play yet because it's a thrift game and I can't erase the started game! Shame on me, I feel stupid but I'll keep trying... lol.

A little resume of my first week of school. I study caracterization and make up for special effects if you didn't know. So don't worry, that wound is the beautiful result of my work :P

A sneak peek of my wardrove, I was so happy for finding a place for my cat-bag to stay that I needed to photograph it. My new grey bedding that I love, sorry it's wrinkled I just put on from the package when I took the picture. A piece of cake, what can I say... heaaaaveeen...
And but but NOT AT ALL least... can you see what is it? Are those two Jeffrey Campbell boxes in a Nasty Gal big box? Oh, man, yes, they are. It arrived three days ago and I'm still soooo excited. The double shoe unboxing will be up very, very soon so stay tunned :)
Thank you for your visit!

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