Friday, September 6, 2013

Monthly favorites: August 2013

I think that the whole first week of the month is acceptable for doing monthly favorites, I was planning on posting this sooner but well... today it's 6th so it's still appropriate enough for me to upload it.
This last month won't be very interesting I'm afraid, at least on the related to make up and fashion. I can't say nothing new about make up because I hadn't been able to using it that much... I passed almost the whole month with styes in my eyes... It wasn't painful, not even ugly (thanks god) 'cause they are in the inner part of my eye lids and they aren't swollen or anything, but as you will understand, I had to mantein my eyes clean with no products so... Yeah, that was pretty shitty, and they're still not cured, let's hope they to heal soon though.
And fashion wise I had an incredibly very lazy month so what I used the most were my distressed old jeans that you saw in the post of my new black bag and my low black converse that already starred my july favorites. So let's start with the other fun favorite categories.


There are some months that I watch more movies than others, this last month I watched a nice amount of films and most of them were protagonized by Jennifer Aniston. One day I felt like it and I downloaded pretty much all the movies she had made, I guess I was in a comedy-mood this month lol, although I love The good girl and it's so depressing I have to say.

Another thing I can't not mention it's freaking Breaking Bad! Oh my! It's soooo good. I didn't start watching it until a year or so ago and I just catch up on this past month. It will end in september, there are only four more episodes left and I can't wait to know how it ends! I don't want to make any spoiler so I won't tell anything, all I can say is that it's too good for anyone for not watching it.


I love HIM and I always listen it occasionally in my mp4, but this month I listened HIM a lot. Once in a while I listen to a group (or a singer) non stop and then I just stop or I move on to another one. Pretending, Killing loneliness or In joy and sorrow are some of my favorites songs.
Another group I burned out was The Offspring. I went to their concert, they came to my city to En vivo, a little festival and I refreshed my ears by listening their music all during the month for the event. The concert was the last day of august and it's definetely another favorite of my month.


This little book is called Q&A a day and I bought it on amazon. I saw it on a room tour in YouTube and I ordered it inmediately, I thought it would be so much fun and I still think it is. It has a page for every day of the year and space in each page for five answers to the question on top of it, you can answer every question for five years and see how you've changed basically.

Here I open this new "random" category of favorites. I may not use it every month, but I think that maybe a little of random is needed now and then.

And that is it, thank you so much for your visit :)

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