Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer haul

The summer in oficially coming to its end so I decided to recap the clothes I bought this season in a couple of pics. Those first three pieces are from the Pull&Bear summer sale.

The jumpers are from the boy section, but I don't care, that's perfect for me because I love oversized sweaters and I plan to wear them to death in winter. I needed to buy cozy stuff because it gets really cold in the city of my school and last autumn-winter I realized that I don't have enough thick clothes. About the little palm tree cape, I didn't have any -kind of plastic material- coat and I think it will be usefull for rainning days.

1 - Asos green midi skirt. It's made of a wool-like material. It's so beautiful, I haven't wore it yet because it's still too hot for it, but I can't wait! I think it will be one of my favorite staple pieces this autumn-winter.

2 - Long burgundy skirt from eBay. I'm in love with it, I wore it a lot in summer and I plan to wear it with tights while it's not too cold.

3 - Metallic mint pants from Bershka.

4 - Bambi t-shirt from Primark. Because you never have too may t-shirts...

6 - Pegasus t-shirt from Primark. That you've already seen on this look.

7 - Multi color button up dress from eBay. I'm sure you know this piece because everyone and their mother have it, but I love it anyway and I couldn't stop myself to buy it.

And that's it. I made other purchases that I showed you already like my black bag, the Fredas, the Foxys and Hiyas, a couple of thing from Top Shop... And I'm pretty sure that I forgot to include on the photos at least two or three more items but anyways, that is most of it. I hope you liked it.
See you soon xx

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