Monday, October 7, 2013

Monthly favorites: September 2013

Make up

I told you last month that I had styes in my eyes and I wasn't able to wear makeup... And the situation is still the same. It sucks... But anyways, I have two makeup-related items on my favorites.

Disposable goupillons have been a very helpful thing for me lately. I don't want to contaminate my eyelash mascara and this is perfect for it, I try not to use make up on my eyes until they're completely healed, but sometimes I still want to look a little more presentable. These ones are from eBay, I bought them here a long time ago for working, I didn't know they would be this useful.

My other beauty favorite is this Effaclar purifying foaming gel from La Roche Posay. I needed to find a product for cleaning my face, my skin is very oily and it is also incredibly sensitive and reactive so I'm always scared to try new things, but I usually use Efflaclar duo, another product of La Roche Posay and as they both are from the same product line I decided to try this and I am very happy with it. It cleans very deeply the skin, it feels so good and I can notice after a couple of weeks using it that my oil problem is a lot more under control now.


My unquestionable favorite pieces of the month are these lovely sneakers. You must be new here if you still don't know that I love them to pieces, I can't add very much, you saw me wearing them on this look and this look. Their name is Hiya fyi :)


I bought the Sex and the city collection at the start of the month on Amazon. I wanted to buy it from so long ago and I'm so happy I finally did! I always loved this show, it's very fun. This concrete collection was pretty cheap, but it's perfectly complete and I think it's lovely.

Also, when the month started Dexter was my other favorite... But it's not anymore after watching the finale. I can't believe how they did it, I am so disapointed. I really think that Dexted had to end after the fourth season. I mean, the sixth one was pretty good (still not as good as the four firsts) but the rest was crap and the end was bullshit. They just broke it.

Fortunately the Breaking bad finale was simply perfect and it ended being another of my september favorites.


I have three winners for my most listened songs of this month:

A little note about the "books of the month" post... This month I won't be doing it because I didn't read that much (as I predicted, sadly, because I've been so very busy...) but of course I'll continue with those type of post, maybe every two or three months depending on the number of books I'm able to read.

And that was that! I hope you enjoyed xx

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