Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Style icon: Olsen twins

What can I say about the Olsen twins? I am a very big fan of them since I was very little. First it was It takes two, then Two of a kind, some years later Our lips are sealed... I loved all the stuff they made and after all of that... finally came their bohemian styles. I think they were the first boho chic kind of girls I saw, and they always wore it better than any other one in my opinion. This two lovely identical girls are -next to Vanessa Hudgens- my biggest bohemian inspiration. It was very, very hard to choose what photos to show, because I  really love a billion of their looks, so it was inevitable to end up showing you a big amount of photographs. I really hope you like these resume-collages I made.

They're gorgeous, aren't they?

They were two of the firsts celebrities that started the enormous sunglasses trend few years ago. It was rare to see this kind of sunglasses on street style back then but I always loved it and I still do.

I really like their fashion taste for dressing up, it's always chic and sophisticated but they're not afraid of trying new things and getting out of the box.

There is a lot of black and white inside their closets, I identify myself with that haha.

And last but not least there it is their street style... God, I looooove it all.

If you want to see the collages better, you can click on the images. I hope you enjoyed :)

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